Pricing | Full Circle Refurbishments

  • The first hour is £45 and £30 per hour thereafter
  • The minimum rate is £45

Book a professional handyman for the day £210.00 7hours on the tools,

Your handyman will arrive on time and have all the required tools to complete your job.

Join Our Team as a sub-contractor or a professional handyman

You can apply to join our team as a contractor, we are looking for individuals that are skilled and committed to providing the best service possible.

To apply please send us a message letting us know and we will contact you to let you know what is needed and give you further information

You will undergo an evaluation of your experience, vehicle, and tooling and if accepted we will run various security checks.

You can apply to do various types of work with us, so you need to have the correct tools for the type of work you apply for.

Each operative is expected to have cordless fully charged tools for each job.

We do keep a stock of machines for particular types of work when required and we do hire specialist tools when required.

If you damage or loos one of your own tools you can temporarily use company tools for a short period whilst you replace yours. (Deposit required)

You are expected to use necessary safety equipment for the type of work and sign our code of conduct and safety record and rules before starting.

On occasions, we run a health and safety coarse which you may attend.

Our quotations are final based on what we can see. However, there are instances of additional charges incurred after starting the task we can find additional work and or additional labour needed to be able to complete the task. If this happens, we will notify you to discuss the options prior to continuing with your project.

If the scope has changed because of something we did not know about initially, or if you change your mind from the initial assessment, then this may incur additional charges.

As a business we are charged for all commercial waste which is charged to the customer, depending on how much waste is generated from your project will determine on whether we hire a skip or just take it to the local waste recycling centre.